Establishment of the Trust

The Royal Burma Trust was set up at a meeting in Blackheath in February 2012.

It was agreed that a Charitable Trust, the Royal Burma Trust (RBT) should be established with His Royal Highness Prince Shwebomin of Burma (HRH) as its Patron.


Some of the benefits of establishing a Charitable Trust are:

  • As a charitable institution all donations made by individuals or businesses are tax allowable.

  • The fact that the society has a charitable arm confers a level of public trust and acceptance that non-charitable organisations lack.

  • As a charitable institution the RBT is able to reclaim tax deemed to have been paid on donations, conferring to it a significant tax advantage.

  • More people would be prepared to join the RBS and become paying members if there were an accredited charity affiliated with the Society..

  • As a charity there could be the possibility of accessing sources of funds not otherwise available.

Aims & Objectives

The Charitable Aims and Objectives of The Royal Burma Trust are:

  • To build cultural and social links and ties between the Burmese people & the international community

  • To promote and establish educational institutions both for refugees outside Burma and for the indigenous people of Burma – especially primary education for children

  • To promote the advancement of citizenship and the development of community for the people of Burma – and in particular for the children who will become future citizens

  • To aid in the promotion and advancement of the arts, culture and science for the people and children of Burma

  • To alleviate the plight and suffering of Burmese refugees in neighbouring countries and in any other locations around the world

  • To promote the advancement of human rights, racial harmony, equality and diversity for the people of Burma


The initial Trustees are Stan Spurling, who is President of the Trust, as well as President of the RBS; and Michael Wright, who is General Secretary & Treasurer of the Trust, as well as General Secretary of the RBS. At the AGM of the Trust, in February 2013, a further Trustee, Elaine Craven MBE, was elected. Isolde Spurling was appointed Director of Events & Communication.

(perhaps a link here to the RBT AGM Minutes?)

Main Activities

Stan & Isolde Spurling have made several trips to Burma & have been able establish links with a Buddhist Monastic Education Centre, the Zay Ta Wun Centre in Bagan.

(perhaps a link here to some pictures of the Centre/Children?)

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